Robert M. Bridges PA

Robert M. Bridges PA, RealtorĀ®

Robert M. Bridges PA

I am a highly motivated self-starter with over twenty-six years of diverse experience with the Chicago Police Department. After retiring from the Police Department, I visited Cape Coral and loved the area so much we decided to make Southwest Florida our forever home.

I have been involved in both selling and buying real estate for over thirty years. I am dedicated and take pride in providing exceptional service, negotiating the best sale, and determining the best fit for my customers. Ibelieve in working hard to provide each client with the service and excellence they deserve.

Some people are very casual when it comes to signing papers that affect their finances for decades. But for those who recognize that small steps early in the game can affect major outcomes later, it's fortunate that there are professionals who dedicate themselves to learning about the process and local market conditions, and who can turn a nightmare of stress and confusion into a relatively painless experience.

I am an educated professional with several years of experience in the southwest Florida market. My intimate experience with properties in most of these neighborhoods makes me an invaluable person to talk to when it comes to discussing your real estate needs. I am a confident individual that cannot only save you of thousands of dollars, but a great deal of time and emotional energy as well.

If you would like to know anything about my services, or if you'd like to hear about the local market from a human voice, please contact Robert at your convenience.

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