Advertising on Twitter

Posted by Joseph Epifanio on Monday, October 1st, 2012 at 10:55am

It seems like everyone is jumping on the advertising social networking bandwagon these days, Twitter just announced that it is now offering to advertise, similar to Facebook you can now promote yourself, your company or your tweet on Twitter, by way of paid advertising.  I guess this means that Twitter is about to make a LOT of money.  Getting followers on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and other social sites is apparently extremely important for recognition of your website, I find it useful to keep in touch with whats going on.  But, Twitter used to be about getting followers on your own merit, because of who you are, or what you have to say, in their advertising information, they say they can increase the number of likes you have up to 30 a day, they also recommend a minimum payment $2.50 for your pay per clicks, so that would be $75 a day, however, if lots of people get on board with their advertising then that recommended $2.50 per click would get higher I suppose.  Does this all mean that we should look at  Twitter in a different light, it seems those with the deepest pockets can become the most followed on Twitter.


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