Esplanade Golf and Country Club in North Naples, Florida

Posted by Joseph Epifanio on Monday, June 17th, 2013 at 1:23pm

After a slump in the economy, Naples is now back into the swing with new construction popping up everywhere, it seems that at every turn there is a new community raising its head.  North Naples and particularly the area north of Immokalee Road, is really humming, once thought of as too far out, with the growth of Naples, this area is now actually in the middle of everything.  The Esplanade Golf and Country Club is under construction, I know because I pass it every morning on my way to work.   

The Esplanade Golf and Country Club is going for the Tuscan Style with barrel roofs and a distinctly Mediterranean feel, which is increasingly popular, giving a warmth and welcoming feel.  Located only around 3 miles east of the I75, there are to be a total of 1,120 planned homes to be set among lakes and wild preserves which are also a Naples trademark in many communities.   Some may say do we really need yet another Golf and Country Club here in Naples.  I have to honest, I am not a golfer, but a great many of my customers are, so finding them the right home is my job.  Having seen what is available for sale, I have to say that, yes another Country Club community in Naples,  while not absolutely necessary to the well being of Naples, will surely be a success.  Florida has more than it's fair share of golfers, with reputedly over 1,440 courses to choose from, with our fabulous winter weather, a growing number of retiring baby boomers, the number of people wanting to live in a golfing community is only going to increase.  So as a realtor I am excited to watch the Esplanade Golf and Country Club grow and prosper. 



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