Golden Gate Estates - A Land Lovers Paradise

Posted by Joseph Epifanio on Tuesday, February 19th, 2013 at 7:59am

While we all know the curb appeal that homes offer downtown, or the location near beaches and shopping centers offered by properties all along the Naples coastline, but few people know about the wealth of investment opportunities available further out from the city center, in beautiful Golden Gate Estates.

Naples has been growing at a rapid rate for the past 20 years. Anybody who has been visiting for an extended period of time knows first hand just how much this city has expanded and how much further east, away from the beach, the construction has now spread. So while the thought of living a little further out of town may be a downside for some potential home buyers, do not forget that in the coming years the town will be coming to you!

In addition to the growth of Naples, Golden Gate homes now have a new additional local amenity, in the form of Ave Maria University. With a state of the art facility and numerous students in the local area, there is no doubt that the surrounding community will continue to grow as the new campus flourishes.

Now down to the main selling point. Land. While there are a few different communities in Naples that offer some land surrounding the home, they are usually very pricey and still mostly surrounded by roads and stores that give the overall feel more of a city hideaway type experience. In 'The Estates' as it is fondly referred to by local residents, you are able to truly enjoy the freedom and tranquility offered by the country. Large lots usually in excess of an acre, combined with many uncleared plots of land, give the entire area a true outdoorsman feel. Four wheelers, horses, and hunting. All common past times in The Estates, because these kind of hobbies are just not available anywhere close to town.

The large beautiful lots play host to many extraordinary homes, some even come complete with stables for horses, or kennels for dogs. It truly is an outdoor paradise, offering residents the best of both worlds. With the ability to live a free life raising livestock and riding off-road vehicles, combined with the short drive to a cutting-edge university and only a few miles from one of the most beautiful beachfront cities in all of the world.

So if you love Naples, and you love the thought of living in paradise, but you feel that city life is just not for you, the Golden Gate Estates is the perfect solution. Close to everything you could ever want, while still offering a true country feel, there is no better option for anybody looking for an outdoors lifestyle.


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