Green Certification for Real Estate in Naples - Should you care?

Posted by Joseph Epifanio on Thursday, August 20th, 2015 at 11:19am

The Orchid a green home for sale in Naples FloridaDo any of you ever ask you if a home is environmentally friendly?  is being "green" part of your decision making?

My guess is that the answer, for the most part, is no.  However, for a while there I too was oblivious to exactly what an Environmentally Friendly home was and how it could impact my life. That is until I got a Platinum Leed Certified home for sale.  After that, I certainly had to brush up on my knowledge base, so I spent some time researching and finally I achieved my "Green Certification" for Real Estate.  

What has this done for me?  Well apart from making me more aware of how we use energy in our homes, going around turning lights off much to my wife's dismay.  It has certainly made me make some more significant changes around my own home, from additional insulation and planned new windows, to a more conservative approach on the energy I use within my home.

My house was built back in 2006 so it does not have some of the building techniques being implemented by forward-thinking builders today.  As a ®Realtor I am always showing homes of all ages so sometimes the green element has very little benefit, although I usually tell them how they could improve on an older home with very little cost.   But when I show a new home I always make sure to investigate and see if it is going to be economical to run or if it is going to cost my clients a lot of money, plus in a  home built as green from scratch there are also significant health benefits.

Surprisingly when I spend the time and explain to people what can be archived and what they should look for in a new home, most are very interested.  I have actually had two clients recently actually ask about how green a home I was showing was, they were younger, so maybe we will be getting more green questions in the future and, if that is the case, I am here ready willing and green certified to help.

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