Is your Naples Real Estate website welcoming enough?

Posted by Joseph Epifanio on Tuesday, March 21st, 2017 at 11:37am

As a Realtor having a website is really important, having one that produces leads is even more important.  

For a while now I have been talking to my clients asking not just obvious things such as “where did you get my name?”  or “how did you find us”.  But more trying to find out what made them stay with us to search for their new home in Naples and trying to find out from those who did not, why they left and looked elsewhere.  Most of this research was done with our real estate website in mind. 

Interestingly, color has a lot to do with first impressions, especially on a website, how long they stay on it and on whether or not they will come back. Colors have hidden meaning and provoke thoughts and actions that you may not instantly be aware of. For instance, if you drop on a bright purple website, the majority of people think of royalty, power, and luxury. Red is strong, decisive, knowledgeable but also associated with anger and wrath, pink makes people think of youth, children, girls, and fluffy toys, blue is depth and stability, green is earthy and organic, whilst a black website projects power, a formality but also sadness and death. 

So as we set about launching our new Naples Real Estate website to the world, we have been running some tests, only on a small scale, so there is probably much more to be discovered on this topic.  But for now, we are content that the new colors we have chosen will be effective at making our clients feel warm and welcomed. 

We will be launching our new site within the next few weeks, as a team, we are extremely excited and looking forward to whether or not our color analysis makes a difference to how people react and stay on our site. 


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