Waterfront Properties in Naples - where to dock your boat

Posted by Joseph Epifanio on Tuesday, June 18th, 2013 at 1:47pm

As a boater I am always looking for places to keep my boat, ideally, it would be nice to have a waterfront property with my boat docked right outside my home, but I have another hobby, horses, so sadly, I have found that horses and boats do not mix.  However, that never stops me from taking the opportunity to look at waterfront homes in Naples any chance I get.  There are a good many homes in Naples that are advertised as having water access, but the type of water access is extremely important and often overlooked.  If you have a large boat, then you are probably well aware of the type of dock and the water levels you need to maneuver your boat successfully without causing any damage to its hull. 

But, if you are thinking of buying a waterfront home, just so you can go and get the boat of your dreams, then quite possibly, in the excitement of finding a home within your price range on the water, the one thing that may escape your negotiations, is how deep is the water!   It's not only important to ascertain the depth of the water by the dock, but equally important to check that there is a channel out into the Gulf.  There are also many waterfront properties on canals, great, it gives more people access to the water, but, take a moment and check how long it takes to get to the open water from the dock.  I once went boating for the day with a friend, we spent around six hours on the boat, great fun, but the first and the last hour were spent negotiating, slowly, the soupy waterways from his home to Naples Bay.  

There are many other ways to enjoy the water in Naples, for instance, you could consider keeping your boat in a marina close by, lots of advantages to this, there are normal people to help you, gas on site can be helpful, also many marinas offer services such as maintenance, cleaning and making sure the bottom of your boat is kept free from algae, which can be a major problem in itself.  With the warm Gulf waters, algae soon forms on the hull of any boat kept permanently in the water, so it's important to have a cleaning service at least once a month to keep your hull clean.  Another great option is to use a boat lift to keep your prized possession out of the water for most of the time.  There are some great boat condos, they keep your boat under cover, then when you want to go boating, you simply call ahead and they have your boat in the water already and waiting.  A new waterway community that is underdeveloped at the moment and promises to have a marina on Naples Bay for its residence is The Isles at Collier Preserve, it's still in very early stages but new homes should be available for viewing around the end of the year.   Naples is about the lifestyle and certainly, the Gulf and beaches are a big part of that, so I wish you luck in finding the perfect home on the water here in Naples.

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