Gated Communities with Dog Parks

Dog friendly gated communities with dog parks

Dog walking in NaplesIf you have a dog and live in a community, you will know how frustrating it is not to have a fenced yard for Fido to play in.

Most gated communities were not built with dog parks in mind. Many gated communities actively discourage people from having dogs. Breed restrictions on dogs such as pit bulls and aggressive breeds are common in almost all developments in Naples. You will also find limits in some of the size and number of pets or dogs you can own.

So for pet lovers finding the right home for your four-legged family is just as important as having it suit the human members. A community dog park is unnecessary if you have a fenced yard or allowed to install an invisible fence. But, if your dog is active and needs exercise, then a home that is close to a dog park is a must. Walking the streets with your dog on a leash is not as much fun!

Thankfully, developers are beginning to understand just how important having somewhere for dogs to run is essential. In 2020 there are around 85 million families with dogs. That is approximately 67 percent of all households in the United States. With this in mind, more communities with dog parks are being built.

Some new communities offer dog parks in Naples, and slowly some of the older ones are finding space to install a dog park for the community.