Energy Saving Green Homes for sale in Naples Fl

How great would it be if the home you lived in saved your money!
Plus it helped save the world we live in too? 

There are very very few Leed Homes for sale in Naples, what is a Leed home?  A Leed certified building is an energy-saving green home, these environmentally friendly homes are constructed to save money, have a positive effect on residents and at the same time provide clean renewable energy. Leed actually stands for green building leadership.  In order to have a home certified as a Leed Home it has to meet high standards, within those standards there are different levels, Certified, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.  To qualify as a Leed home, the building must meet certain criteria, to attain the standard of a Platinum Leed home, means that the home has exceeded expectations and is of the highest standard of energy-saving green homes, it is the highest accolade that can be reached, homes of this caliber are far and few between.  With so few green homes in Naples Fl, we are proud to have a Platinum Leed home for sale in Naples that exceeds every expectation. 


The Leed program was launched in 2008, the standards are Leed Certified, Leed Silver, Leed Gold and Leed Platinum.  

A Leed Certified home provides energy savings of up to 30%, A Leed Silver homes provide around 30%, a Leed Gold home is 48% and the LEED PLATINUM HOME provides a whopping 50-60% savings on running costs.

Green Homes for sale in Naples

Many of our local builders here in Naples are implementing new methods of construction, aimed towards environmentally friendly houses. There is a demand for energy efficient green homes for sale in Naples.  Green Homes help reduce running costs for the homeowner, plus these homes have many other benefits, not only to the owner, they also help to alleviate environmental concerns.  

Green homes are built to be environmentally friendly and sustainable, by using fewer resources, such as water and energy plus producing less waste. Not only are these homes more durable they are healthier too. The use of toxin-free building materials plus superior design, such as ventilation systems that extract stale air and bring fresh air into the home. 

The value of a green home is normally higher than a traditionally built house, this is because of the high-quality building materials and building work with recycled materials being used when possible.  Although these homes cost a little more than a normal house, the benefits are huge.  The superior construction means less running costs in repairs over the years.  The equipment in Green homes such as appliances, electronics, water systems and landscaping that use less water plus the use of solar energy all make a huge impact on running costs. 

Although many homes are now being built with some green standards implemented, LEED homes and especially Platinum Leed homes are still few and far between.  If you would like to find out more about environmentally friendly homes in Naples please contact us.

Contact Joe Epifanio directly on 239 825 6161 for a private viewing of this Eco-friendly home in Naples, plus other Green homes for sale in Naples Fl.