Epifanio Team Agents

The Epifanio Team of Naples Realtors

What are the benefits of using a real estate team? The reasons for using the Epifanio Team of Naples Realtors over a single agent or a brokerage of individual agents are very compelling.

Individual agents work on their own, and they handle everything themselves. 

 Marketing, open houses, negotiating contracts, showing homes, arranging for various parties to do their part. Realtors have to field questions and try to keep in touch with past clients as well as handling new clients. A great deal of their time is used trying to get new business when you, as a seller or buyer, want their undivided attention.

 A team is made up of individuals with the same goal, to make sure each client receives the time and assistance they need to bring about a successful transaction. A team consists of agents, administrative assistants, marketing working together to give the best possible service. 


A Team 

  • Is a group of Agents working together to find a qualified buyer for every client?
  • It can easily handle many transactions at the same time without sacrificing quality service.
  • Has administrative staff working in the background monitoring every transaction.
  • Ensures that your Agent will always be available.
  • Pool together their years of experience to benefit both buyers and sellers.
  • Has dedicated marketing staff to ensure your home is marketed correctly and kept in front of prospecting buyers.
  • Teams can easily handle multiple inquiries at the same time.
  • Teams can be in lots of places, at the same time. 
  • We have multiple connections in the industry.


A Single Agent

  • They can only be in one place at a time.
  • Can only take one phone call at a time
  • They handle all marketing, lead generation, open houses, contract negotiation, and paperwork themselves.
  • It can get overwhelmed with multiple transactions.


The Epifanio Team

Working with a member of our Naples Real Estate Team ensures your needs are our number one priority. Our Agents have the time needed to concentrate on your needs alone. Clients can feel secure in the knowledge that they have the necessary support to bring about a successful closing without compromising quality service. Whether you are looking to invest in Naples Real Estate, sell a home or purchase your dream home, we are ready to help. 

Together we provide an array of professional services that excel. Every new client has access to the various team members who will be assisting them. Each week our team reviews the steps needed to bring about positive results. When life gives us obstacles, we overcome and support each other without causing any inconvenience to our clients.