Choosing a Buyers Agent in Naples Florida

Our Team of Realtors is diverse, each with their own unique area of expertise, including some who speak different languages. We also have Realtors on our team from other countries who, through experience, have highlighted some of the differences in searching for a home in the United States.  We thought we would share with you a quick overview of how Realtors in Florida work.

Florida is well known as a destination for tourists and, South West Florida, in particular, is very cosmopolitan, with visitors from all over the world, many of them return year after year and eventually decide to purchase their own slice of paradise.

It’s important that the Realtor you choose to work with understands your needs and is knowledgable of the entire process of purchasing a home in Florida.

If you are not from the USA, you may find differences in how Realtors work 

The main difference in working with a Realtor here in the United States is that you only have one Realtor! In many other countries, buyers go directly to the Agent who is listing the home. 

In Florida, the Realtor you choose to work with will be your buyer's agent and contact for every house you want to visit.  Your buyer's agent will represent you and negotiate the best price on your behalf, they will have your best interests as their main priority. 

The Seller has a listing Agent to represent them on their side of the contract. Each and every Realtor here has access to all the homes for sale via the MLS (Multiple Listing Service). There is no need to go directly to the listing agent, your chosen Realtor has the ability to gain access to any home you wish to view. This really helps you save time, as you can view a selection of homes without having to contact and, wait for numerous Agents.

As professionals, we work hard to make sure that your time is well spent.  We do our homework to make sure that the homes we show you meet your criteria.