Home Closing Checklist for Sellers

This is an exciting time, your home has sold and you are on the move. You may already have gathered all the paperwork you need for the closing day, but there are a few other tasks you may need to handle before you get to the closing table.

The closing day comes around quickly so here are some things you may want to take care of before the big day.

  • Clean the entire house, including inside drawers and cabinets.
  • Close utility accounts and have them shut off on the day of closing. Make sure you have them turned on at your new address.
  • Place all keys (house, mailbox, pool, etc.) garage remotes, alarm and gate codes, etc in one place. It's easy to lose track of them and a lot of frustration can be saved by planning ahead.
  • Put all your appliance manuals, service contracts, warranties, etc. in an easy to find location, such as a kitchen drawer.
  • Forward your mail, USPS makes it simple to go to https://www.usps.com/manage/forward.htm to have your mail redirected to your new address.
  • Consider leaving a large stamped envelope that’s addressed to your new home, so any mail that ends up at your old address can be easily forwarded. 
  • Cancel any subscriptions such as newspapers etc.
  • Do a final sweep of every drawer, cabinet, and surface to make sure you haven’t left anything behind. Lock up the house, turn off the lights and close the blinds on the way out.
  • Make a note to cancel your homeowner’s insurance after the closing is complete and the title has been transferred or the deed recorded.

Moving day can be stressful, the more you can do to prepare beforehand the better.