The Climate in Naples Florida

Find out more about the weather in FloridaOne of the things people want to know before they move to Naples, is, what is the weather like?  Naples is a seasonal town, but not like any other, elsewhere in the United States, everyone looks forward to the summer, which normally means June, July, and August, a time to get outside and enjoy the weather after the long cold winter.  However, Naples has a subtropical climate which generally means hot and humid summers and mild to cool winters, cool in Naples is a relative word, with the summer temperatures reaching the 90's, cool winters mean temperatures in the 70's and '80s, it can drop much lower than that, but generally, the winters are very mild, you can still go and laze on the beach and enjoy outdoor living, the humidity is low and the rainfall is also extremely low, which is why so many people choose to make Naples their winter vacation home. 

Summers are generally hot and humid,  but short, with higher rainfall especially inland, the coast seems to attract less rain, when it does rain, it's usually over with quickly, the sandy land quickly absorbs the water.  The humidity can get high, but generally with most buildings having air-conditioning and a good number of homes have swimming pools to cool in during those hot summer days.

If you travel inland along the Old Tamiami Trail, you will arrive in the Everglades, a vast area across the south of Florida of subtropical wetlands, where you can take an airboat ride over the shallow wetland waters, alligators, eagles, and other exotic animals range freely over this area. The Everglades is a large shallow watershed that flows all the way down from Orland, through Lake Okeechobee.  During the wet season the Florida weather takes a turn for the worse when the water leaves Lake Okeechobee, it becomes a huge slow-moving river over 60 miles wide in some places and 100 miles long, it flows slowly over the land providing a wet environment which is the Everglades.