Thinking of moving to Florida? Then consider Naples Florida

Saying that Naples is the best place to live in Florida is a bold statement and yes, we are biased! Searching for a place to live and trying to make the right choice about where to move to is a huge decision.

First things first, so where is Naples Florida? This wonderful historic town is located in south Florida on the west coast, the Gulf Coast has gentle tides and wonderful sunsets, another plus is that Naples is one of the safest places to live in Florida, 

So, why do we consider Naples one of the top towns in Florida?  Here goes!    The ambiance and cosmopolitan atmosphere make for a seductive and interesting town, but if you live here full time does the magic stop, is Naples Florida really a good place to live, or is it just somewhere you should visit for vacation.  This is a question that is asked time and time again, even more so with the huge number of baby boomers seeking a place to retire.  

Fifth Ave in Old NaplesTrying to find that perfect Florida home can be time-consuming, deciding which town to settle in is a huge decision and not one to be taken lightly. But what makes Naples their number one choice?  It’s hard to say exactly what brings people to the area, it’s different for each person, but one thing that is at the top of most peoples list is the weather and the old world feel of downtown.  With our subtropical climate and warm Gulf shore breezes, It’s no wonder that people put Southwest Florida top on their list of places to check out.  Here in Naples, we are lucky enough to have the most amazing winter weather, from November until May, you will normally find warm sunny skies and a temperature which ranges from 65F to the mid-’80s.  The evenings are warm enough to sit outside but can be cooler in January which is normally the coolest month, frequently getting down into the ’50s, the lowest recorded temperature was back in 1982 when it got as low as 26F, but that is extremely rare. 

Naples white sand beach on the Gulf of MexicoAnother huge pull is the wonderful white sand beaches, with their gentle entrance to the Gulf of Mexico.  Shell hunters will find a huge array of different shells along the coastline, particularly if there has been a storm causing new finds to be washed up on the beach.  The beaches are clean and well maintained, early in the morning you will find people jogging along the waters edge leaving fresh footprints in the wet sand, Naples Beach is listed as one of the top ten beaches in the US time and time again.

The beach early in the morning.The sunsets from Naples beach are famous for their “green flash” a phenomenon that occurs infrequently but is one of the things that the crowds that gather every evening to watch the sunset are looking for.   Just as the day comes to a close there are always people sitting on the beach waiting to experience yet another spectacular sunset.

Another huge difference between Naples and other places is the attention to detail in the way the town is maintained, here you will find landscaping, palm trees, and brightly colored flowers along the main streets in downtown,  the streets and sidewalks are all immaculately maintained.  Surrounding Naples and in the many housing developments, you will find natural preserves which will give you an idea of what Naples was like before it was developed. 

Many of the communities are gated but don’t let that deceive you, Naples is a comparably safe place to live, even if you are not behind a gate.  The crime rate in Naples is less than 89% of other cities in Florida, plus it is safer in Naples than 52.8% of cities in the United States.  One of the reasons there are so many gated communities in Naples is due to the fact that many of our residents are winter visitors.  Living in a gated community is hassle-free, many times you will find that landscaping is included within the HOA (Housing Association Fee), plus there are facilities such as restaurants, workout facilities, or golf courses. 


Boats in the harbor at Naples City DockOld Naples itself is a huge draw to the area, this quaint historic district has a host of first-class restaurants to choose from, cafes tumble out on to the pavements with curbside dining and tables nestle side by side along Fifth Avenue.  Downtown there are unique shopping opportunities, art galleries, and a theatre, all of which are only a very short walk from the beach.  Take a stroll along 5th Avenue to watch the sunset before trying to decide where to eat.  Third Avenue South is also another popular stop, with art galleries, shopping, and first-class restaurants.  During the winter season, there are street fairs, car shows, and the ever-popular “Taste of Naples”, when local restaurants show off their wares, giving everyone a chance to try out a new place to eat.

Golf is extremely popular in South Florida, with literally hundreds of courses to choose from, avid golfers from all over the country enjoy being able to carry on golfing in our warm winter climate. Plus many of our homes are in golfing communities offering challenging courses to golfers of every level. 

Down by the City harbor in Naples FloridaFishing and boating are a must in Naples, if you do not have access to a boat, take a trip on the Naples Princess, a tour boat which leaves nightly from Tin City for a sunset cruise.  To see Naples by boat is a totally different experience than walking the streets. The cruise will take you past Port Royal which has some of the most expensive waterfront homes in the area, with amazing architecture that can only be admired by boat. 

Or take a boat trip down to Keeywadin Island, which lies between Naples Bay and Marco Island, this is a popular place to stop either to picnic, walk the beach and collect shells or simply sit back and relax.   There are also navigable inlets that you can take all the way to Marco Island, where the Snook Inn is a popular place to tie up for lunch.


Advantages of moving to Florida

To give you ten reasons to live in Naples would be difficult and actually unreasonable due to the fact that there are way more than ten. The weather, beaches, restaurants, culture, art galleries, sunsets, relaxing atmosphere, boating, golfing, fishing, and tennis are all part of it. But they are things to do, not what makes Naples such a special place.
Naples simply stands out from other towns in Florida, the olde world feel of downtown with it’s cosmopolitan atmosphere, the way the old harbor sounds with boats and fishermen coming and going.  Or the way Naples Bay  sneaks it’s way inland almost encompassing the town, winding up past Tin City to Bayfront and beyond, giving the downtown area an island like feel.  Or maybe it’s just the fact that once you get here, it’s easy to relax and fall in love with both the people and the picturesque historic district. Naples is one of the safest places to live in Florida, we love it here and you will too, make Naples the place you want to call home.  Find out more about what to do in Naples or contact us for information on Real Estate.