The Naples Season's End is almost upon us!

Posted by Joseph Epifanio on Sunday, March 9th, 2014 at 12:35pm

Well, it’s definitely getting to that time of year, the “Season” in Naples is supposedly coming to a close.  About this time of year every year, my phone is bombarded with phone calls, the office phone rings off the hook and my emails are almost too much to cope with.  Why?  Because there seems to be a rush from our Snowbirds to buy their next home down here in Naples.   Our seasonal residents have many reasons for waiting until the very last moment to buy a home, there is a belief so I have been told by some of my clients, that they will get a better bargain by waiting until the last minute.  It is true also that our homeowners who have been trying to sell their homes get anxious as they see their perceived prospective buyers flying to their northern homes.  Both Buyer and Sellers seem to think that with the end of the season, it is also the end of the action in the Real Estate Market here in Naples.  

 Nothing could be further from the truth!   Although there is a rush this time of year, we are busy all year round and in fact, the summer, a time when I used to go away for a while, is no longer a slack period.  Another reason why some buyer's wait until the last moment, could be because they are simply enjoying our Florida winter.  I can't blame them for the horrific weather which the rest of the US had had this year.   Buy my advice to anyone thinking of purchasing a home or a getaway in Naples, is not to wait until the last minute, the bargains have vanished, our market is strong and growing stronger. This summer, I know is going to be busy as I already have a list of clients coming in from out of town wanting to buy.

 So as for my phone ringing off the hook and being bombarded by emails, whatever the reason or whatever the season, doing what I do in Naples, it’s always a busy time.

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