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There are many new developments in Naples, Florida, with homes for sale in a huge variety of neighborhoods. Buying a new construction home gives you the opportunity to put on your own finishing touches, kitchens, bathrooms and more can be tailored to your own taste.  Find out whats going on with new construction in Naples, Florida.

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Times change and so do styles and ideas, for years designers and architects have styled their homes on a somewhat similar concept. Houses are traditionally built with a living room, dining room, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms and maybe an office. All over the world, homes have similar features and include most of these basic rooms.

But things have changed and the way they have moved on in Naples is affecting the sales of existing homes. The way we live our lives has changed and therefore our homes have been altered to accommodate our needs. We all used to lock ourselves in our own little space, be it a bedroom, office or kitchen, privacy was important, using a landline for instance with everyone listening made walls important. Privacy is still important,

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If Real Estate is your passion and is also what makes your daily bread, then when my Real Estate Advisors tell me that there is a large number of homes available on the MLS inventory and that sales are slowing down, it makes sense to look more closely at the figures right?

But figures can be elusive, manipulated and pretty much made to say what you want them to say.  So I decided to take another tack, yes it would appear that there is a large number of existing homes on the market for sale. So why are they not selling? I took a look at the latest figures from Collier County, particularly at new construction and new communities. As a town, Naples is growing, anyone driving around would be able to see the huge amount of new construction that is taking

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Coco Chanel once said,  fashion fades, only style remains.  That is probably true of fashion, but does it apply to other things, such as homes?  Homes are certainly not as transient as clothes, but their style has a huge impact on how we live our lives and how we are perceived by others.

Fashion applies to homes, but only in the way they are decorated, the style of home is something that evolves slowly then becomes a way of building for a few years, before another style or trend emerges.  For instance the Florida housing market has long been festooned with look alike Mediterranean homes, washed out orange walls, roofs with barrel tiles and rich interiors, these, although still sought after are now not the number one choice.  

Style does not only

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About to break ground Naples Square condos in Olde NaplesSo what's new in Naples, construction wise?  The latest and greatest new development I think at the moment is the arrival of Naples Square just off 5th Avenue in downtown.  Why? is this the latest and greatest I hear you say, there are a number of reasons.  When you look at downtown, the area is pretty much built up, apart from the tearing down of individual old homes and construction of huge luxury homes on the teardown plots, there is not much else going on as far as large new developments. Naples Square will be just across the road from Bayfront, another great condo community overlooking the bay.

Naples Square is just across the street from Bayfront in Olde NaplesSo Naples Square is unique, it's is one of a kind plus it is in one of the most sought-after zip codes in Naples Florida!

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Driving through Naples today there is a hive of activity throughout once stagnant building sites.  During the heyday of rising house prices, it seemed like Naples was growing at a phenomenal rate.  There seemed no end to the growing number of communities which were springing up all around the town. 

Now as bargain house prices become harder to find, it seems that once again, major construction is underway with more new communities springing up throughout Naples.  However, do we really need all these new homes? is our population really growing at such a rate that we need to have construction on what seems like every available corner?

During 2005 - 2009 Naples and Marco Island were the 15th fastest growing metropolitan areas in Florida. Collier County

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After a slump in the economy, Naples is now back into the swing with new construction popping up everywhere, it seems that at every turn there is a new community raising its head.  North Naples and particularly the area north of Immokalee Road, is really humming, once thought of as too far out, with the growth of Naples, this area is now actually in the middle of everything.  The Esplanade Golf and Country Club is under construction, I know because I pass it every morning on my way to work.   

The Esplanade Golf and Country Club is going for the Tuscan Style with barrel roofs and a distinctly Mediterranean feel, which is increasingly popular, giving a warmth and welcoming feel.  Located only around 3 miles east of the I75, there are to be a total of

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New construction is now taking place at Coco Lakes in Naples, this secluded intimate community is located just off Airport-Pulling.  Coco lakes slowed down on building new homes when the housing market slowed here in Naples.  But now, with the housing inventory getting low, things are on the up and up again. The new homes at Coco Lakes are being built by a great local builder PF Builders, with over 30 years experience in the industry, they are producing some great luxury homes, PF Builders are well known in North Naples for their excellent work in homes in Naples Park.   Coco Lakes is also known as Montebello at Coco Lakes, set around two twin lakes behind a gated entranceway, one of Coco Lake's large attractions, is it's low HOA fees, nestled next to

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With acreage becoming scarce in Naples, the opportunity to build a new community is getting slimmer, most of the new communities are now being built on the outskirts of town. To compensate for this there are major roadworks going on at the moment, with road widening especially along Collier Blvd at the junction of the I75, also the long awaiting Rattlesnake extension which will give many of the newer communities to the east of Naples, easy access to downtown.    However, there are a few smaller pockets of land closer in, which are being snapped up by builders, one such is Mandalay Place, located on Bailey Lane which is off Airport Pulling Road, Mandalay Place is in a superb location and will surely be a sought after community, once construction commences.

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The Isles of Collier Preserve is underway, this long-awaited new Naples community on the last large prime piece of the downtown real estate in Naples has broken ground.  Located just to the east of Naples Bay, the Isles of Collier Preserve is a waterfront community being built by the Minto Group, set on 2300 acres of land, over half of which is to be left as a natural habitat for Florida wildlife.  The other half is to become one of Naples most sought after new communities, with 1600 waterfront homes set around a series of lakes and rivers.  This unique community will have a resort style pool, tennis courts, and the usual fitness facilities.  But there are a few things that make the Isles at Collier Preserve unique, one of them being it will not only have

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Hacienda Lakes, Naples is a brand new community under construction which will eventually offer 1,760 homes for sale, the new construction is planned to take up to 8 years and will eventually retail shopping, a hotel, a medical facility and a public school.   Hacienda Lakes is well named as there are to be over 100 acres of lakes throughout the community, sitting on a 2,262-acre site, the new community of Hacienda lakes is well underway, commencing with two large lakes at the entrance to the community.

Located to the east of Collier Boulevard, the Hacienda Lakes new community will sit at the end of the planned Rattlesnake Hammock extension.  This area is extremely popular and already has a number of great communities close by including, Naples Heritage

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