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Horse and equestrian Real Estate in Naples, Florida.  As an avid horseman, Joe delights in helping other horse owners find the property of their dreams.  If Joe is not selling Real Estate then you will find him on the back of a horse.  Feel free to call at any time to find out the best places to ride and if your looking for a new home, you have come to the right place to find Naples Horse Properties


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One of my dreams of having horses in Florida is riding along a sandy beach bareback and swimming with my horse in the ocean!  A reasonable dream, I would have thought.  That is until I did some research to find out exactly where I could go and ride my horse on a beach. 

It seems that my dream of being free and riding along the shoreline is not one that is easily achieved in Florida.  Maybe it is also difficult throughout the rest of the United States, something which I would have to research more.  But certainly, my home state is one in which the authorities make it extremely difficult.  When I first started my research, I was disappointed in the lack of information.  Then after much research, I was also disappointed at the number of places where I…

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In Florida keeping horses has, it's own unique challenges, the very south of Florida is actually sub-tropical, which presents it's own set of problems when it comes to keeping horses.    There is a rainy season to contend with, which brings high humidity.  Then during the cooler winter months, in some parts, the temperature can get down to freezing! The ground in Naples is sandy, which means it drains fast unless you are in a wetland.  But it also means that keeping the ground moist enough to grow good quality grass can be challenging.  Not impossible, but you definitely need to prepare before you go out throwing grass seed onto the sand, to watch it being eaten by birds! A sprinkler system will ensure you have an adequate amount of water during the dry…

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